Friday, August 1, 2008

End Credits

This summer would not have been what it turned out to be without a great number of people helping, guiding or otherwise assisting me along the way. And unlike an oscar acceptance speech, I do have the opportunity to thank everyone individually.

Luke Coussan (Sr.)
Jan Coussan
Paul Coussan
Dave Kurpius
Mark Dollins
Sharon Philips
Sharon McIntosh
Tim Russell
Sandy Korhorn
Ed Gilbert
PJ Sinopli
Jinx Holesha
Lisa Goodwin
Lisa Hicks
Paul Boykas
Genise Watkins
Danny Shipka
Helen Taylor
Lisa Lundy
Cas Smith
Elizabeth Lagarde
Bridget Lyons
Monica Masson
Paige Nichols
Alex Florea
Bill Davenport
Sophie Williams
Abby Bosco
Lauren Cruze
Jana McHugh
Eimear Kitt
Zach Blair
Dave Ravi
Ms. Sandra
Aunt Det
Nanny Lynne
Candace Mueller
Karen May
Lisa Carlson
Sue Moronic
The City of Chicago
Chicago Transit Authority
The Manship School of Mass Communication
The University of Illinois-Chicago
Louisiana State University

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Cas Smith said...

The webpage that time forgot.