Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Whether in Washington D.C. or in Dublin, Ireland, apparently LSU Mass Comm students are creating live journals left and right. I just assumed it was my turn to do the same. And what a better way to let everyone know what I was up to here in the Windy City.

In all honesty, I don't know where to begin. Even though I'm only ten days into this internship, there is so much that I want to say that my fingers can't type fast enough. I will, however, give you the basics.

I am currently living at Thomas Beckham Hall on the UIC campus, which is located in the Near West area of Chicago. I conveniently (and apparently much to the envy of coworkers) have a 10 minute bus ride to and from work everyday. Considering how much of a burden traffic tends to be in Chicago, this has quickly become one of my favorite aspects of this summer.

Additionally, I should at least mention that Chicago has been my destination of choice since my junior year of high school. So, with it being a dream of mine for at least three years to see the Chicago skyline, the view I have on the way to the bus stop is only that much more of a blessing (which you can see below).

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H. Lee Domingue said...

Joe Meets Blog: how cute. Hey, make sure you hit up Edwardo's Pizza. Best stuff in town. Also, the geek in me wants to tell you to go to the Field Museum and tell Sue "hi" for me... but the man in me will tell you to go to a White Sox game instead.